Soaring Through the World

Sunday, August 29, 2010

writing accountability

I just read River's blog about accountability for writing.  If you've been on my site recently, you can see I haven't held myself accountable for writing.  I just made myself get caught up on my personal journal.  I haven't had any energy for thinking.  Isn't that something for someone to admit?  I've pushed myself to get out of the house and walk.  I was able to motivate that by thinking ahead to winter when I'll be too anxious to go walking on ice or snow.  Here's how I picture myself when the winter doldrums hit. 
So, I guess that this is a plea...any of my friends who have time to stimulate me to write more, please let me know.


Andria Helm said...

O.K. Scrappy Grams would you like to be my accountability partner? I read River's post too and had a similar desire.Let me know!

Scrappy Grams said...

Yes, I think that would be good. Now how do we efficently go about it?