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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby Shower

Saturday, Sepember 11, was my granddaughter's baby shower.  My oldest granddaughter Candice planned and facilitated the whole shebang!  Her younger sister was ready to help plan, but suddenly she got a job in Virginia.  She experienced wishing she could be in two places at the same time.  :)  

Celeste, sister of the hostess; Grams; Charley; Candice, hostess; Emily, Charley's sister Em was the one who put up the decorations and laboriously twisted the crepe paper.
The shower was held at the Signature Inn in Muncie.  Candice had food galore to feed the guests and honoree, prizes for the games, beautiful, pink decorations furnished by Charley's Great-Aunt Marge and Aunt Jennifer.  Food was provided by her Aunt Christine, Aunt Margaret Ann, and cousin Candice. 

What a marvelous change from when Charley's Grams ('tis I) had a baby shower.  Then we had cake, punch, mints and nuts.  We were welcomed to a feast because of the hostess' and other lovely ladies' generosity.  The cake came from a bakery famous to those who live in Muncie- Concannons.  It's best described as ambrosia, as anyone who's ever ingested Concannons' pastries! 

Everyone, including the hostess with the mostes', I might add, were generous in gifts to our fetching princess of the day.  From wee lassie clothes to all the necessities of greeting a gift from God were bestowed on the mother-to-be.  The guests had a diversion during the opening of the presents; we had previously filled in a bingo grid with words of possible
gifts.  Each time Charley opened a gift, everyone who'd written that word exed it out.  What fun!



Sandi Baron said...

Great photos and description of a memorable day. It was such a festive welcoming to the new babe.

Donna Hole said...

Looks like it was fun.

My daughter had her baby shower on Labor Day weekend. A barbque; yum. She's having a boy this time, and already has two girls.

Being a grandma is challenging enough, I don't think I'm looking forward to being great g-ma. You seem to be enjoying it however. You make it look easy.

Have a good weekend.


The Riverside Writer said...

Norma! Beautiful pictures and great linking! Congratulations!