Soaring Through the World

Friday, October 22, 2010

Just Thinking

   I was outside on my deck soaking up some sun and reading the rest of the current chapter of TAW, the on-line workshop I'm following.  That led to my thinking of my blog.  Next came images of the people who are reading it.  And finally, I realized that I have only one family member who's bothered to read and leave her footprint of engaging in my writing.  Bam, that brought home to me that my friends are more in my life than most of my children.  Maybe that's a good thing because my children are either busy with their jobs or family.  I certainly remember being that entwined with obligations pulling me from all different directions.  Of course, some of my friends are involved with their loving families too, but somehow they invest some of their precious time with me.  And I'm grateful and so delighted to have them in my life. 

   Sandi and Andria, two of my jornaling friends inspire my spirit to new elevations with their stories.  Sandi sits each morning and has a conversation with God before planning her day.  I'm trying to imitate her in that.  She has a strong trust in God, and I know I'm a work in progress.  I feel that I should be farther along in that area, seeing I'm of great age. 
   Andria writes of her mission experience in Africa.  Even though I know that land only from TV documentaries and movies, my mind's eye can visualize it because her word pictures are so vivid.
   River leads me to another plain, a computer blog plain. I never conjured a picture of Norma writing on the internet, much less visualizing someone being interested in becoming a reader of my writing. River also brings to my plate her place in the "sandwich" generation- still raising kids and having an older parent for whom she feels responsible. I'm experiencing being the parent for whom my children have concerns.    I am an example that "old dogs can learn new tricks." I am here, and I am glad!


The Riverside Writer said...

Wow Norma, very well said. It is strange to look at yourself and see how you have shifted in life, isn't it. I often think of that when I wonder how I got to this place in life - full circle from being with "mommy" to being with "Momma". I am so glad you are so involved with so many things. Kids will come around eventually... I do believe that.

Celeste Rose said...

Gramma, you're an amazing writer! I miss you sooo bad. I wish I could be close and not so busy and see you always! I always feel guilty... I try and block it away (how I have been so selfish with my opportunities school and now work). But, deep down I miss everyone terribly. I pretend I am fine and independent- but I love and think of everyone always. Pictures are plastered everywhere (and I go through the albums you have made me like once a week... Little has had to sit there and listen to me reminense about the same stories probably a dozen times). I love you and am happy you are finding such happiness in your hobbies. I hope you realize how amazing you are!

christie horvath said...

Norma,you have come so far! I love your willingness to try new things(through your fear) and oh your laughter! Great job in catching the spirit!