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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Finer Things Challenge

When I started to write this, I misremembered the term River used in her blog.  I summoned my memory bank and dredged up the phrase "fine living."   Then I reread it, and I saw that the term she used was "finer things in life."  Since my contribution fits in with that also, here's my slant of finer things in life:
Linen table cloths, fabric place mats and cloth napkins are some things I picture when I hear the phrase fine living, or the finer things of life. It connotes to me old movies (a fondness of mine) with the romantic couple sitting at a table covered with a fancy linen tablecloth, beautiful lacy napkins and crystal wine glasses filled with sweet red wine. 

My uncle David got me started on using place mats and cloth napkins, even for every day use, when he was a salesman of kitchen and bath items to retail stores in Texas and surrounding states.  One year when my family visited him, he stocked me up on samples he no longer needed.  I've used place mats and cloth napkins ever since then.  No plastic mats and paper napkins for me or my guests.  Using these things fits in with my "green" side too.  No filling up the dumps with my napkins and mats!  

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