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Thursday, January 6, 2011

January, 2011

Having wandered through some of the blogs I follow, I received an inspiration from "Come Sit by My Fire."
Relyn displayed photos of animals and other things of which she'd been enamored.  This must be the synchronicity my friends had related in past conversations.  I kind of knew, but not quite, because I'd never experienced this phenomenon.  Now I'm running into articles, blogs, past memories that all point to this: "Take photos every day and every place, Norma.  Trust me, that's what you should be doing!  Remember when you were a kid and had a Kodak brownie?  You always had your camera.  Your sweet momma shrieked one day at you, 'Don't take another photo of me in my blankety-blank robe!'  And...of course, you did!" 

 So, here's my second goal, maybe it goes along with my first goal of having  TRUST as my word for 2011.  Now it's also that I trust and I am going to keep my camera at my side and "snap shots"  wherever I go.
Wish me fortuity in my endeavors of persevering in photographing and trusting God in His plan for me. 


Relyn said...

YAY!!! You won't be sorry. You really won't. Happy new year, my friend. May it bring you everything you dream of.

Linda said...

Love this post! And I love that you shared the picture of your mother. I noticed in Relyn's post that she said she had a photography mentor. Maybe there is a way for you to connect with someone, either on-line or in person, who could be your mentor or partner--someone who could teach or challenge you to experiment with new things. I love the idea of you always having your camera with you. So much of our daily life goes by unrecorded--yet those are the moments we remember rather than just the special ones. Keep going, my friend. I think you're on the right path--and I'm glad you experienced some synchronicity!

christie horvath said...

Thank you for this blog today! You are getting good.

Anonymous said...

Fun post! Enjoy shooting pics in 2011!!! I have a very old digi camera, which only takes a good picture when I'm not paying attention. :)

Wishing you a lovely new week ahead!
~ Zuzu

Scrappy Grams said...

Thank you, Zuzu. I had that same kind of luck decades ago on a high school trip. I put the settings at the wrong point of what I intended on a borrowed and unfamiliar camera. I got perfect photos. Sometimes it pays to be ignorant, at least it was consistent! :)