Soaring Through the World

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Project 64: Olive Green

St. Mary Church, Muncie, IN

A joyous feeling came over me to find more than one item of the
week's color; that hasn't been true for me for
a few weeks.  There are certainly shades of olive green
on Patti Digh's book.  Yet where the sunlight is dappling the
glider, that looks like olive green.  But I'm choosing one of
the magnificent stained glass windows in my parish church
for my entry.  Olive green is most prevalent in the lower panes.


ADRIAN said...

I love stained glass.......this is a grand photograph.

Amy said...

Love the olive green. . . and your words imitating the color are clever:)

Anonymous said...

mmmh - definitely my favorite color! :)))

Cat @ No Wooden Spoons said...

pretty stained glass!

Relyn said...

It's funny, I keep checking Patti's book out from the library. Then, I have to return it because there is too much to do and I can't get to it all. I need to just buy it. SOON!

bettyl said...

Lovely shots! Life truly is a verb!

Kendall said...

Love that window! Great color. I am going to have to get that book! Thanks for sharing.

Kendall @ P64

Brooke said...

Love the stained glass, but I am checking out the book, I need to but my life in motion...been in a slump lately!

Lesley said...

olive is not one of my favourite colours... but I love that glider!