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Friday, November 25, 2011

Finishing Touches of Master Bathroom Remodel

The final touches have been applied to my new master bathroom.
Here is the sorely needed storage.  Heretofore I stacked things upon things in my closet.  Anyone old enough to remember the old radio show called "Fibber McGee and Molly" know about his closet.  The same thing would happen to me- take down one thing and the rest of the pile came tumbling down.  No more, thanks to my son's ingenious idea of enclosing stock cabinets (purchased at Lowe's) to look like they are built-in and that they've always been there.  

Some readers might recognize the finger painting featured before on my blog; it was done by my granddaughter Charley when she was in kindergarten.  I've since framed it.  The frame's color matches the rose buds in my wallpaper.   There are pink roses in the border.  The sun was made by my middle son Derek some years ago.  I am blessed to have talented children and in-laws.

I love the rug I purchased for $7 at the local Dollar General store.  The color matches the leaves on the wallpaper.  I really love my floor; it's Roman Stone, also from Lowe's.

Pink on the mirror frames is just the right amount of pink.

the tub surround
I painted the new wall that hides the plumbing pink, but  it was too overwhelming.  Then I tried striping the wall with the cabinet color and pink.  Each time I pulled away the tape I also pulled away the color underneath.  After sanding the wall, I painted it beige.  Then I spent a few hours on-line seeking inspiration for the big blank wall.  I wanted some kind of floral decal.  When I was led to Wall Monkeys with my key words, I found something that said "tranquil" to me.  Above is the decal.  To me, it was a bit pricey, but I am well satisfied with it.


Linda said...

I like the finished cabinets--they look great! And I LOVE the bamboo decal! Great job!

GB said...

I'm very impressed. It's a very 'ladies' bathroom - but then you are a lady so that's what one would expect!

How often do we see similarities is things that are so different? My bathrooms (here in NZ and in Eagleton in Scotland) could hardly be more different from yours. However I have exactly the same nightlight here as you have. I have the 'lucky bamboos'. I have a pre-school painting by my adopted family's daughter framed. I have a head made in ceramic by my son.