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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Project 64: Mahogany

The color, mahogany, for this week at Project 64 is one of my favorite crayons when I am coloring a nature picture.  Not quite brown, not quite orange, it's a lovely mixture of them.

The floor in the illustration matches the mahogany swatch of color.

Do you agree?

Some of the petals in my Jewel Tea pitcher also are that hue we sought this week.  I started collecting this pattern because it raised warm memories of my mom.  From the time that I was a kid going into the first years of my marriage, the Jewel Tea man delivered purchases to my childhood home and then the Charles Ruttan home.  Other businesses that made regular home deliveries were two local dairies (Covalt and Riggin), Omar Bread and Fuller Brush.  The dairy delivered milk and butter as well as other dairy products.  That was a God-send in those days because each of our families owned only one car.  Imagine that happening today!  

I've opted for this shot to be my entry because I really like the texture.
I used the close-up on this shot; I was trying to show the fine weaving of my basket.


GB said...

The first picture does conjure up pictures of an idyllic childhood. I was pretty lucky that way. I like the textures of your basket too.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree...and simply love the basket and Jewel Team pitcher. What a great way to preserve wonderful memories.