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Monday, January 23, 2012

A Photo a Day: My Daily Sustenance, Day 23

A Vicious Cycle
I won't write a long tirade of this condition called fibromyalgia, but I want to point out how its cycle works in me.  Often I wake with pain and no energy, but to lessen the pain I must exercise.  There is pain the whole time I'm exercising and my muscles burn, but ironically after my workout is complete, most of my pain is assuaged for the day.
I know I need a better motivation other than giving myself a good talking-to.  The depression, which is another part of my condition, throws a monkey wrench into my efforts.  The photo I'm presenting today is another obstacle preventing my willingness to put on my Reeboks, step onto the treadmill and push the start button.
If anyone has a motivation that would better serve me, please feel free to send your idea to me either through the comment section or e-mail me.
Here's to a sunny day for you, no matter how the sky looks!


GB said...

I'm sorry to hear how you feel but I think if I had to live with that sort of pain which could be assuaged by exercise that would be motivation enough. But then I don't suffer from depression. I hope that you find motivation.

Anyes said...

Listen to this it might help you in trying to find what can help your condition.

Thinking of you, Hugs