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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Signs, Signs

linking to Lesley's Signs, Signs
Marathon's price...oh, to have it down to that!  Words I never thought I would ever be uttering.  As of yesterday, the price, at the lowest octane, is $3.99.  I wonder if at my age, I could drive a motor scooter.  Or I could ride on MITS.  Food for thought. 


GB said...

I have just worked out that in the UK the equivalent price per gallon in US$ at today's money market rate is $10.46. As the world's largest domestic user of this commodity which is fast running out you are getting it at a knock-down price Norma!

Lesley said...

I would go for the motor scooter!
Our gas price is up to a $1.33 a litre (so, roughly more than triple the price per gallon!)

btw, your link didn't work, so I put it in again for you.

Scrappy Grams said...

thank you, Lesley!

Halcyon said...

You wouldn't like the prices in Canada.

Sallie ( said...

Might as well laugh about it all ;>)!