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Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Photo a Day: My Daily Sustenance, Day 124

Once again I'm revealing one set of photos instead of a photo.
After delivering birthday gifts to my daughter-in-law and upon stopping the car engine , I heard the roar of chain saws.  Then I saw as well as heard one of the saws grinding through the immense oak in my neighbor's yard who lives behind me.  I took my camera and "raced" to the front of her yard.  She was ensconced on her deck chair, and the neighbors across from her were camped out in their yard. All of our eyes were riveted to the activity of the men and their saws.  Many times on my walks past my neighbor's tree I had wondered when it would have to come down.  Even though it was necessary, Shirley was feeling regrets about it.  She had previously talked to the mobile home park owner about the tree's fate, and she had offered to pay for a red maple to be planted in  the vacant space.  He assured her that he would replace it with the aforementioned red maple.  The reason for cutting down the oak can be seen in the top photo.  
Sorry that the photos are not in chronological order, but previously I've had no success in doing that.  So I didn't even try this time. Perhaps one of you bloggers or more experienced photographers can educate me about that.
(I love learning!) 

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GB said...

It's always a shame when a tree has to come down but it's inevitable eventually and when it's amongst houses one can't wait for nature!

You can more photos around in several ways. One is to just put them where the cursor is individually instead of in one upload. Another is to hold the shift key with the cursor over a photo and simply drag and drop. I find the last one very difficult.