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Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Photo a Day: My Daily Sustenance, Day 168

Farmers Market is held  outside every Saturday from May to October in the courtyard and parking lot of the Minnetrista Orchard Shop.  
  I was there for two hours to help a friend.  Seeing all the fresh vegetables, beautiful flowers, local honey provider and local wine maker inspired me to come again... often.  

One of many who bring their wares to sell.

The dogs seemed to enjoy seeing the sites.  All that I saw were well-behaved.

I need to find out if this winery has taste-testing.  I asked how to pronounce the winery's name.  I was told that it rhymes with "sunny."  

  Do you have a farmers market where you live?


Librarian said...

We have a big farmer's market in our town on the market square every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Sights, sounds and scents there are lovely and very appetizing :-)

GB said...

I love farmers markets although I haven't seen many in parts of the UK that I stay or visit. I go to one in New Zealand quite a lot but it does tend to be quite expensive and, disappointingly, the merchandise is often the same as that which is available in local shops.