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Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Photo a Day: My Daily Sustenance, Day 265

My granddaughter (by my son's marrying her mother) invited me to hear Sidney Finkel who wrote Sevek and the Holocaust: The Boy Who Refused to Die.  The book relates Sevek's journey through Hitler's war on Jews in Poland.  
 From the time Sevek started, I sat mesmerized by his story. He used no notes, probably because he has shared his story with so many students.

The poster at the top was one of many drawn by the Yorktown Middle School students. 
Here you see the timeline of Sevek (Sidney) and more of the students' posters.
 After the presentation, the adults were invited to come to the library to meet Sidney personally and have him sign his book if desired.  Here he is with his lovely wife Jean.
I asked Mrs. Finkel if she was used to being photographed.  She replied that is was usually her husband of whom people desired a photograph.
While he was signing my book, he casually said to me, "You know that you were my inspiration?"  Blushing, I am sure, plus I know that I had goose bumps, I told him that I had not.  He said that it was the expression on my face to which he responded.  Christine (my granddaughter) added, "Didn't you notice that he was looking straight at you?"  I honestly did not.  I was so engrossed in his story that all I could concentrate on were his words.

This certainly counts as the BIG blessing of Friday, September 21, 2012!

Apology: Yesterday was full of going hither and yon.  By the time I arrived home, my brain didn't register that I had not posted for the day.  Sorry...

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Al said...

I recall a very similar presentation given to my son when he was in middle school, and it moved him.