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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Goals for July

Stirred on by Cat, I'm goal-setting for the month of July.  I realize that as of today, that the first week of the is nearly gone, but I'm doing for my personal life what I did all the time when I was teaching.  Cat advised me to start with few goals.  I think that that is logical.  So here I go!

  1. Finish the scrapbook album on which I've been working.
  2. Finish, at least one Grandmother Remembers book; I've started four.  The two oldest granddaughters already have theirs.
  3. Journal more consistently.
My two oldest granddaughters are to my right;
their twin brothers are in front of them.
The boys' books need to be completed.
Books for the sisters to my left also
need to be completed.
I bought a book at Goodwill for Myah my
great-granddaughter for $1.99.  I thought
my daughter, the grandma, would want
to write her history for Myah, but she wants
me to do it.  Better get busy!

1 comment:

EG Wow said...

I admire you for setting goals. All the best! Writing them here for all of us to see sounds like a great idea to me. It should keep you motivated. :)