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Monday, July 4, 2011

Project 64: Red

I wanted to share my treasures that had the color red, but since today is our nation's birthday, I choose this flag photographed in a local cemetery to represent my entry.

Being an ignorant teenager,  I used to get embarrassed when my mom's eyes would tear up at the sight of this symbol of our wonderful nation.  As I aged, I understood her emotion about it.  She had three brothers who served proudly during WWII.  Now I get that same thrill.  I hope you do too!
Happy 4th of July to all you readers!
Babushka (nesting) dolls from the Ukraine; I bought them from a story telling grandma who was from there.  My  apple box holds paper clips.  My Stratford-upon-Avon patch is from my granddaughter who went there while studying at the London Center.  
My dad's grandparents were from there.

my front door

some of my Crayola and Coca-Cola collections

My phone turned out to be more decorative than practical.

two of my granddaughters

twin grandsons

husband's ROTC certification of rank of sergeant from Howe
Military School in Howe, Indiana

the practical phone that replaced
my lovely Coke phone


Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

What a FABULOUS use of red!!!!! Loved that you started with the American flag. I have to tell you, I have a "thing" about red front doors, I LOVE THEM!
Hope you are having a wonderful 4th!

Amy said...

You captured red well! Your mom had three brothers in WWII? Wow. That's amazing. Also, I adore your front door.

bettyl said...

Lovely reds today!

debi said...

That's alot of red, love your collections, I'm guessing that red is your favorite color?

Anonymous said...

wow - you have so many neat things in your home!!! I especially love the nesting dolls from the storyteller. :)