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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sunday Scans: World War II Sailor

This is my uncle John; he was in the Navy,
attached to the Marines.  This was during WWII.
He was 17 when he enlisted.  I think he
was so handsome!  Later, he was assigned to
a ship that picked up one of the space
shuttles; this was when they still landed in the ocean.


ADRIAN said...

My thanks to him........without him and many others like him I probably wouldn't be here.
I've cleaned the image and e-mailed it to you.

Ann said...

did he sail to Philipiness?

Kim, USA said...

Indeed he is very handsome!! Happy Independence day!

Sunday Scans

Scrappy Grams said...

I'm not sure. Wherever the Marines landed, he was with them.

Al said...

He must have had an interesting life. I thought about joining the Navy after high school but instead I took the standard college route.

He probably helped pick up space capsules rather than the space shuttle, as the shuttles have always landed on land. But either way, that would be something incredible to do!

Scrappy Grams said...

Al, you're right, forgot what they were called. Thanks. My uncle was not in the service for a very short while; then he re-enlisted and retired from the Navy.

Danelle said...

I just love all your old photographs!