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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Project 64: Raw Sienna

Featured here is my favorite place mat.  I
prefer it because it has my current favorite colors-
shades of blue and brown.  Well, they have
been for nearly three years.  Those colors are
soothing to me so I have them in my kitchen
and one of my bathrooms.  

I bought this bag in an Indy airport shop.
The year was 2002.  My husband and I were
on our way to my dream vacation spot- Hawaii!
I've often been told that "the grass is always
greener on the other side."  Of course, this
was said as if I'd never find a place that's
as close to Paradise as one can find on Earth.
Well, we did...and it was!  Greener and more
lush than any place that I've ever eyed in
my life!  Neither of us was disappointed, except
for how short our time was spent there.  We
saw as much as one can cram into three days.
Oahu, Hawaii, was truly my dream come true.
And my bag will spark that memory for however
much more time I have on this marvelous blue marble.

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Anonymous said...

Hawaii is a gorgeous place. I'm sure you had a fabulous time. I love the pattern in your bag.