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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sunday Scans:

linking to Al's Sunday Scans
I think it was 1954 when the big water tower
was built in our town.  All the men of the
construction crew ate meals at my mom's
restaurant, which was called Junior's Family Room.  Mom had said something about
wanting to see the tower so they put her in the barrel
to take her up.  They'd rigged it up to take the welders to the
inside. They recorded her ascent by taking this picture.

Mom was famous for her home-cooked meals.  She had
regular customers from the neighboring businesses-
Brand's Roofing, Brand's Sheet Metal, Johnson Doughnuts,
A & P grocery, Park & Shop grocery, the Chevy car dealership,
the nearby fruit market, Canon's Drugstore, the Chevrolet factory,
and Delco Battery factory.  The factory guys had only half an
hour for lunch so they'd call and tell which special they
wanted that day.  Mom would have the plates of food
ready and waiting for them at their regular table.
She provided TOP service, and with a smile!


Al said...

That is an extraordinary photograph, truly once in a lifetime. Your mom sounds like an amazing woman - I'm not sure I would have had the guts to climb in that barrel, and I'm a big guy who's not afraid of much! This may be my favorite Sunday Scans post in the history of the meme, thanks for sharing this. You've just motivated me to keep the meme going.

Ann said...

your mum is a very brave woman.