Soaring Through the World

Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekend Reflections

Here I am again reflecting in a shop window!
This is another store at the Muncie Mall.  I
seldom go to the mall. I seldom shop for clothing or shoes.
I do it only if it's absolutely necessary.
Hampered with the inability to
choose colors outside my comfort zone.  Plus, for me to
consider shirts and pants, the feel of it on my skin must
be soft, not too tight, and not draw attention to my bosom.
It does it enough all by itself.  I don't have too many restrictions,
do I?  And shoes...comfort is the prime rule for them.
Now, comfy and...colorful, in my size...
Oh, and not too pricey!  Doesn't this make you want
to go shopping with me?  Oh, well, I guess that's
why I don't even like to go shopping with myself!

But I do know ladies who love shoes to the point of
needing a closet just for shoes.  I even know one
or two males who fit the category of "nuts about shoes."
I'm sure that one or more pairs of shoes in this display and
inthe background is saying to potential customers,
"I know you want me to go home with you and
live in your closet.  I make friends easily.  Enter the
store, I'm waiting for you..."


Rekha said...

Lovely reflection and the subject matter makes it more interesting..I love window shopping.

'Tsuki said...

Shopping is not my favourite activity, but this pretty picture reconcile me with it...

Dorian Susan said...

Great little selfie in the window. Wish I could see more of you and less of those shoes neither one of likes to shop for. I'm with you....comfort is KING when it comes to shoes and clothes.

Karen said...

I want those shoes!

EG Wow said...

Ha! I am not a shopper either! But taking photos of reflections in windows appeals to me big time. :)

Nita Davis said...

Fun post, I am not much of a shopper either but do love to window shop.