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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Lovely Day

Christine called me on Tuesday to see if I wanted to ride with her to pick up Candice.  Her birthday was last week and her mom was cooking a belated birthday dinner for her.  I was thrilled to spend time with my oldest granddaughter and her loving mother Christine.  After we got there, Candice took us to see her flowers and vegetable garden.  Oh, glorious, an opportunity to take pictures!  I took close-ups of such lovely flowers.  I also got some shots of two of her three kitties, one of which (Biscuit) stayed with me earlier this year when Candice and Geoff were on vacation.  Biscuit is much bigger than when I last saw him. 

brick wall at Rosie's Cafe
Next on the agenda was lunch in Noblesville at a darling cafe called Rosie's.  They serve delicious food, have excellent service and have an ambience that I love because the exposed brick walls remind  me of my rural country kitchen.


Wesley (for Wesley in "The Princess Bride")

These two flower shots above were taken in Candice's backyard.  I forgot to ask what the pink flower is; I was told that the rose was fragrant.  Blech, I couldn't smell it!

Candice edged the grasshopper onto a stick so  I could get a clearer shot.

While on the stick, she transported him to my deck table's umbrella pole.

head shot of grasshopper

bee on my pentas

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Al said...

Lovely shots! Biscuit is my kind of cat, and The Princess Bride is my favorite movie!