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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project 64: Wild Strawberry

my new tote bag for my Kindle Touch!
The Kindle is a Christmas gift from Candice and Celeste, my oldest son's daughters.  The tote is a "just because" gift from my daughter's oldest daughter.
When Charley left Ivy Tech's bookstore, she slyly shared, "I got a gift for you."  My mind is pondering...pen?  pencil? notepad?  But, previously I had looked at Kindle covers on; prices too high for me right now.  Problem solved...Thank you, Granddaughters!  All three of you are soooo generous!    


Pat said...

Very cute! All the other Kindle users will be so jealous!

Anonymous said...

ooo, thats lovely,

Celeste Rose said...

Oh I am so happy! The tote looks like you! I love you Gramma, you're the best. Only the best, for the best! Love you and miss you already!

Anonymous said...

How sweet of them! I think "just because" gifts are the best kind. And so very timely for Wild Strawberry too! I noticed you are doing a photo a say...I hope it goes well for you. That is quite the challenge!

GB said...

I love those colours too.