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Friday, June 22, 2012

A Photo a Day: My Daily Sustenance, Day 173, a Day Late

Yesterday went by with the cable guy, God bless his diligence and "stick-to-itiveness",   triumphed in solving my internet problem.  However by the end of the day, I was in a foggy lethargy and was even unaware that I had not posted anything.  Sorry, friends.  "Better late than never" is something I'm offering in lieu of skipping day 173 completely.  
Here is my new sink in the front bathroom.  The design of the room  started with it.  My poor son Jeremy has discovered that he will never do a renovation starting with a sink being the starting point.  The problems have been endless.  Thankfully, the moving of the electrical lines presented no obstacles. Plumbing had to be moved because the pipes had to come from the back of the cabinet instead of from the floor as did the previous sink.  The vent also had to be in a different location.  Thus, therein lies the MAJOR impediment.  The new toilet won't flush!  Son thought that it might not have a good seal, so back I go to Lowe's to get another wax ring and a flange extender.  He then resets the toilet.  No flush!  He's frustrated by now.  Later he calls a friend who also is a DIYer, and he says that the vent must be the problem.  So...on Monday, he will begin anew.  Sink will be disconnected, floor tiles will come up, and probably the lower part of the wall will be cut away.  Then the vent will go elsewhere so the toilet will flush.  Both of us are looking at the turmoil philosophically (que sera, sera).  Any other attitude would debilitate us.
A little soft music played prayerfully would help now.


christie horvath said...

I can do relate to the DIY projects. . It will be worth it I'm sure. Good blog Norma!

christie horvath said...

I can so relate to this blog!

GB said...

Oh dear. I hope it gets sorted without too much more trauma.