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Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Photo a Day: My Daily Sustenance, Day 208

Clattering away on my computer, I suddenly heard sirens, those of fire trucks.  Jax ran down the hall before me. (I was merely walking fast.) I slipped on my sandals, grabbed my camera and proceeded out the door.  Out there, I saw three engines parked in three locations.  One (E-3) was right in front of my next door neighbor's home.  She was engaged in conversation with another neighbor and her child and a fireman.  Chris (next door neighbor) motioned and invited me to come over.  The crux of the conversation was that Chris has smelled gas and called the emergency number.  I find it strange, but the protocol for suspected gas leaks is thus:
1. Call the fire department and report the problem.
2. The firefighters check the area and find the source.
3. Then the gas company is notified.  
Soon after getting the necessary information from Chris and the other neighbor (who reported she had smelled gas the day before and had turned off the gas at her furnace), the fireman was notified that the gas leak was found at the main gas main.  He went to check with the other firefighters about what was found at Chris' neighbor's home.

Chris then told me that she had not been able to do her work on the computer because she couldn't keep awake.  Luckily, she finally woke enough to realize that she could smell gas.  She then proceeded to cage her two cats and got out of the house. After her story, since I was "melting" in the sweltering heat I told her that I needed to get out of the heat. Before I left, I did make sure that she planned to go to her mother's till all was clear.
By the way, I said a little prayer for all firefighters who have to make emergency calls in this horrible heat.  They have to be suited up; imagine how hot it is in all those layers of protective clothing and that is not even considering the heat of a fire. 


GB said...

Scary indeed. Gas can be such a deadly substance. I hope all's sorted and safe now.

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

omg. Thank goodness everyone was ok!