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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Signs, Signs

It's a sign for a local beauty salon and spa.
Since my daughter-in-law is gracious enough to take care of my hair, I have had no reason to enter here.  But after I linked the salon to my post, I see that they have a spa.  Hmm...maybe I need to stop and see what is available.
Intriguing, n'est ce pas?

Other signs can be seen here.


Scriptor Senex said...

GB and I have often commented to each other that hairdressers seem to have the most imaginative names for their shops.

Lesley said...

hairdresser salons do have the best names - I agree!!
you deserve a spa day. (as do some of your neighbours after that scare from the above post!)

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Yes, close of being alluring. Please have a good Friday.

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Dianne said...

a really pretty sign
I could use some spa services

RedPat said...

Great name and sign!