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Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Photo a Day: My Daily Sustenance, Day 264

Recently I visited a friend's home for the first time. Looking around, I discovered some interesting facts about her loves.  
Although we are both Catholic, nobody else I know (nor do I) has a kneeler in their home.
The story: when her prior resident church made changes, they were taking out the small kneeler.  Asking the pastor what would be done with it, he asked her if she'd like it.  Of course she did because here it is!  
I had not known that she was a member of the Red Hat Society.  She took a very small bedroom and made it her walk-in closet, where all her clothes, bags, and hats are neatly stored.  I wouldn't want you to see the inside of my closet!  

 I did know already that she loved purple because the majority of times that I see her at Mass, she wears purple with purple accessories. Although there isn't purple in abundance, there are traces of her favorite color.

If one looks at the displays around her sunroom, one might venture a guess what kind of job she had for many years.
Yes, she worked for the telephone company!

The fun of this lamp is when the hearing section of the candlestick phone is cradled, the light is on.  The way it sits now, the light is off.  Clever?  I think so.  The wall phone is not noticeable at first because of the paneled wall.  And did you notice the other candlestick phone?  Those kind of phones beckon warm memories of my grandparents' home. 

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Librarian said...

I love the neat walk-in closet! How kind of your friend to let you show pictures of her home on here.