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Friday, November 19, 2010

Falling Leaves

Every autumn, it's the same in the mobile home park in which I live. ROAR go the leaf blowers!  We mustn't leave any of these on the ground.  They might nourish the ground soil, and give sustenance to all the green-growing plants, huge and small.  "No, no, no", the rule book says.  All the grounds must be barren.  We want you to spend money next spring for fertilizer, not this free stuff for which God intended to further help our beloved Earth!  How will the economy get better if you're not spending money?  Come on, people!  Spend money to rake up your leaves or blow the devil out of the ground! Or get your 70 or 80  something body out there and rake and rake till your arms feel like they're going to fall off.  You say you've already fill a hundred bags?  (My son and I did that two years ago.) It doesn't matter; I'm still going to add $50 on your lot bill because there were still some leaves left on your lot.  Whew!  What do you think of this mania about getting rid of leaves?  And just think, these leaves will probably go to a compost pile and then more money will be made for someone else.  That's the American cookie cutter way!


christie horvath said...

This rule you stated is the silliess thing I have ever hear! Are we not to protect the Earth by less in dumps. I never have raked leaves unless I wanted to fall in them. Put them in bags silly-silly. Go Norma sic the ecology people on them. I know a few!

Scrappy Grams said...

Well, Christie, please e-mail some of these eco-people to me! I'd like to have some clout if I'm given a notice about my leaves. thanks!

The Riverside Writer said...

Well out, Norma. How crazy all these rules are!!!