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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Painting Rocks 2010

On Saturday, November 27, writing friends were invited to join River Lin in her home for an ethnic Japanese dish and other food carried in by the group.  The primary reason we were there was to paint rocks commemorating our hopes and dreams for the new year 2011.  This was to be my third year in joining in this wondrous activity.  Before we started either of these, River introduced her BSU colleague with these words, "I'd like you to meet my new best friend, Mary!" 

I was startled by those words of "new" and "best."  I'm wary and slow at welcoming people into my circle of friends.  Because of my prior experiences, I am cordial to new acquaintances, but not immediately warm.  As always, my face reveals my thoughts and apparently I also murmured something aloud.  So Mary explained that she was told that we're River's best friends and she was invited to be in that circle of friends.  Wow!  What a concept!  River reminds me so much of my oldest granddaughter who is known to open herself to the world with welcoming arms, and River does the same. 

my granddaughter

As I said, I'm sloooow...  So I take time to wander back to when and how I was invited to join the group by a friend from book club.  And how accepting and loving they all were of me, even though I dwelt  in the dark place of being newly widowed.   
Leading up to the painting activity River prompted us to be quiet so that we could receive from the Holy Spirit how  we were to paint our rock and the word that would typify our hope or goal for the new year.  

So, the word the Spirit brought to my mind was "trust"- trust in God, trust in friends (both long-time and new). 

 And Thanks be to God, I'm here in this place at this time. 
 And...Mary is truly our new best friend!  Alleluia!


christie horvath said...

Norma you did it again! I saw your look of amazement when Mary was introduced. This group is like a sweatshirt. New it is alittle stiff needs alittle something. Then before you know it, the sweatshirt is a place off warmth. It wraps itself around you giving and receiving warmth. Forgiving! Good job Norma (trust), Welcome Mary!

Linda said...

Great post, Norma! Thanks for posting the pictures too. They make me smile. I'm glad you are one of my BEST friends!

Sandi Baron said...

Great grasp of the day. Thanks for sharing. I hated to miss such a special celebration, but you have helped me by capturing the spirit of the day in your words. I must meet Mary.

Sandi Baron said...

Thank you for all your kind and meaningful comments on my blog. I need my blog group to teach me how to respond to comments. Other than having to come back to my blog, where do I comment? Anyway, your words are always encouraging. I appreciate you and see so much growth in you in the last year. Just amazing...amazing.

Andria Helm said...

I missed this post,and I'm glad I searchrd through your archives today! Rich review!