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Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Choice for the 37 Day Challenge

I am traipsing very slowly through Life is a Verb.  The challenge on the page I last visited invited me to practice doing something for 37 days.  The idea being that "practice makes perfect."  At least, that's the way I interpreted it.  Positing for a while, I opted to write a Haiku a day till I reach the 37 day mark. Knowing that I would not want to face a post with 37 Haikus, to digest at one sitting.  So I'm choosing  three from my first ten days' writing.  Then, if I feel that my writing shows improvement by day 37, I'll post two or three  from the latter ones.  

Haiku: Day 5
Positive Attitude?
No car, no travels
Grey skies, no motivation
Buck up; be the sun!
Haiku: Day 6
Novel way to shoot 
With macro lens and tripod,
Ecstatic new world!
My "new" camera with "new" macro lens on it
Haiku: Day 9
Remembered events,
Important paths through my life,
Treasured images.
crewel work done by my mom
Post note: I was editing another post and noticed I'd never published this.  
It's from March. :O    I still have not completed the 37 day challenge, but I have made progress.  :)  


Beth Niquette said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I remember how I felt when I finally was able to buy the camera I've always dreamed of having. I saved up a LONG time for it--and it's everything I'd hoped for.

(grin) Have a wonderful rest of the weekend, my friend!

Francisca said...

Be the sun. That is perfect. Keep going, you have talent for writing haiku. Must be so nice to have a new toy to play with... would like a macro lens myself, but have to jump a few hurdles first. :-)

Charlene: the Polarblogger said...

These are beautiful haikus! I love the Camera haiku, so cool!