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Saturday, April 9, 2011

My New Companion AKA Kitty Lenny

On Tuesday of this week, a friend of mine took me to a friend of hers from work.  We went to see if their kitty and I were meant for each other.  Well, he now lives in my home!  His name is Lenny; he's a long-haired white color with an orange, fluffy tail.  His ears are orange spotted.  He doesn't come to his name, but when I say "kitty", he looks up at me.  Lenny  hid all the evening and most of the next day after I brought him home.  He did that a lot even at his former home because of a one-year-old toddler.  :)  You understand why, right?  At 3:45 p.m. he came out and has stayed out.  He's entertained me quite a bit playing with his catnip mouse!  I took over 40 shots of him on Wednesday!  As I said, very entertaining!   
I didn't know that he was nine years old until I'd already liked him.  Here's hoping he'll live a long time!  
Here are some shots of Lenny!

Here I am with Lenny and his former caretaker.  Notice, I didn't say owner because does anyone really OWN a cat?  I think not!

This was taken on Tuesday evening.

Taken Wednesday evening


Sheila said...

I adore cats! Two favourite quotes:

"Dogs come when you call them. Cats take a message and get back to you."

"When addressed, a gentleman cat does not move a muscle. He looks as if he hasn't heard."
- Mary Sarton

Tezzie said...

He's adorable!!! Cats are such great company and so much fun...and, with any luck he'll be around for another 10 years! (plenty of time and opportunity to completely destroy all of your furniture ;D)

Sandi Baron said...

Now do you have a black one and a white one? New kitty is simply adorable. Blessings to you and him.

shabby girl said...

Lenny is a beautiful kitty! And big! I'm looking forward to more fun pics of that handsome boy!

WyTography said...

He's beautiful! Looks like a match made in heaven, you two!

bettyl said...

Good to see he came out of his hiding place! Congrats on the new addition.