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Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Question about Grabbing Buttons

Will someone please explain to me how to grab a button?  I get how to copy the address, but what is next?  The address went to my download file.  Next...?  Blogger help has been NO help to me.  Please, help! 


Tezzie said...

To 'grab' a button, there's no need to save it to your computer...what you do is highlight the address, using your left mouse button (make sure to get exactly ALL of the address, or it won't work), and then hover your mouse over the highlighted area at which point you right mouse click. This should bring up a popup menu where one of the options is 'copy'. Click that.

The button has now been 'grabbed'...the question is now where you want to place it! If you'd like to place it on your blog in the side column, then follow these steps:
- go to your dashboard and click 'design'
- choose the area where you'd like to place the button, and click 'Add a Gadget'. This brings up a popup window with a list of gadgets
- choose HTML/JavaScript by clicking on the plus sign beside it
- in the area under 'content', hover your mouse and right mouse click, which brings up a popup window where 'paste' is now an option. Click that, and you should see the code that you picked up written into the area.
- if you want to have a title introducing the button, fill that part in and then remember to click Save
- this brings you back to the design /edit layout from which you can go to your blog to see if the process was successful!

Hope that helped...good luck, and feel free to come by to ask questions or ask for clarification if you need to!:D

Tezzie said...

Continuing from my previous comment... ;D

If you'd like to grab and place a button into a post, (like sometimes is required for photo challenges) then you start off in the same way by copying and pasting the button info. Then, while composing your post, click on the tab that says "Edit HTML", just above your writing toolbar. Once there, scroll down to the place in your post where you'd like the button to appear, left click the spot one time and then right click and paste. To go back to composing your post, just click 'compose', and you should see the button added to your post!

That's it! It really not more difficult than that ;D Again, best of luck and feel free to ask for clarification to my (possibly confusing) instructions!

Tezzie said...

Glad it worked for you! :)

WyTography said...

Thank you, Tezzie! This has been stumping me as well! I've had no issue placing my button on my sidebar, but I've frustrated myself to no end with placing it in my posts! I appreciate your helpfulness!