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Friday, June 8, 2012

Weekend Reflections

Linking with James' Weekend Reflections
James, I'm so thankful you continue to sponsor this.  It's one of my very favorite memes.
I'm thinking I took this shot on my way home.  I see my car behind me in the reflection.  I need to get out and take more shots; I'm about out of reflection shots.  Of course, I'd be out of them if I were as generous as Susan is with hers.  


James said...

Neat shot! Your middle is on top and your top below. :)

Sylvia K said...

Great reflection for the day! Wonderful where we find them once we start looking, isn't it? Have a lovely weekend!


Leovi said...

Wonderful, I like your composition. Best regards.

Carletta said...

An awfully clean surface! :)