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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Photo a Day: My Daily Sustenance, Day 234

On my walk, my eyes were captivated by the presence of this Chevy "muscle car!" So I headed home to get my camera.  (of course!)  Not noticing that my neighbor was on her deck, she engaged me with conversation about the car and my taking pictures around the neighborhood.  The husband and son joined in and told me a bit about the car, including that it was normally housed in an uncle's garage.  Do you agree about the car's  beauty?

See?  Even the tires are pretty, well, I guess it's actually the car rims.

I forget what the thing that's sticking out is called, but a special and expensive cover needs to go over it.  He said that it would be awhile before he could buy it.

Grandson is "driving" the car. Even though it's been decades since I did the same kind of "driving," I recall it clearly.
I love the stark contrast of red and black in the seats and the car's exterior.

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GB said...

A splendid piece of equipment.