Soaring Through the World

Monday, February 28, 2011

Catch-up Day on Project 64

I wasn't aware of Project 64 right away; I'm so glad I found it somewhere along the way!  It's helping me to view the world through my lens and I'm infatuated with what I'm seeing.
Here are the two colors I had missed entering.
carnation pink: my pajamas
yellow-green: new growth on my Norfolk pine

Here's my original shot of the Norfolk pine (which I've babied and nourished since it was not much more than a stick in a pot.); then I took another shot filling the frame as suggested for this week's entry.


Danelle said...

Don't you just love this project? Love your "catch-up" shots.

Relyn said...

I like your PJs.

Carletta said...

I had a Norfolk pine years ago. I loved to see that little tree sprout new growth.
Yours is lovely and I can tell very well nourished.

jillconyers said...

Love the green! I played catch up this week too. Glad to have found this challenge.