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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Winning a Gift Certificate from Anyes

I got the surprising news in an e-mail from Anyes.  I had won a gift certificate for $25 by commenting on her blog "Faraway in the Sunshine."  
Check it out sometime; I think you'll enjoy it.

 I added a little more to it and here...
 are my prizes.

As you can see, the 4 boxes needed to be put together.

Miracle of miracles!  I read the instructions and was able to put them together.
Genius design!

Voila! Here they all are, ready for me to fill them.

I've wanted a letter opener  for quite a while. On the web site, it's called an envelope opener.  This one is a wooden carved one.  Beautiful, right?


Carletta said...

The trouble I have is that if I have a box I do fill it. :)
These are very nice. The wood inlay on the letter opener is lovely.

Thanks for visiting my Watery Wednesday photos of the flood waters and for your flattering comments. I appreciate them very much.
In answer to your question I use a Canon Rebel XSi.

Anyes said...

I am glad you got yourself something really nice. Do you know what you are going to place in those beautiful boxes? Just curious ;-)

I also love your new template

Scrappy Grams said...

I'm trying to organize the room where I store my scrap booking essentials, so probably those bits and pieces and photos destined for future albums. My new letter opener does its job very neatly!