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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Experiencing the Senses of Winter

Smells of winter:
 Wood burning in a fireplace
Chili cooking on a stove
Hot cocoa or mulled cider steaming in a mug
Fresh Christmas tree
Pumpkin bread baking in the oven

Sights of winter:
Snow piled high on the road sides
Icicles hanging from eaves and trees
Slush on sidewalks
Reflections of Christmas tree lights in windows
People rushing, seeking shelter and its warmth
Cars abandoned because of ice and snow storms
Birds clamoring at feeders
Scarves hiding frigid faces
Skis on top of cars heading for slopes
Wine goblets being toasted as the new year rings in
Confetti flittering down in Time Square greeting revelers on New Year’s Eve
People getting jumps for their dead batteries
Sleds racing down snow covered hills
Streetlights covered with holiday garlands
Snow blowers
Snowmobiles racing across fields
Footprints left by people and animals in
the snow
Boots trudging through snow drifts

Sounds of winter:
Whine of snowmobiles
Roar of snow blowers
Chug of snow plows
Crackling of fire in the fireplace
Teeth chattering in the cold                                         
Zipping of coats
Drone of a tow truck loading a vehicle to its hook
Carols being sung
Slurp of a warm liquid being drunk 

Touches of winter:
Scratchiness of a wool scarf on my neck
Heat from a fireplace
Tongue being scorched by a beverage 
Frigidness of ice
Smoothness of icicles
Squishiness of pumpkin bread in my mouth

Tastes of winter:
Tartness of mulled cider
Chocolaty sweetness of hot chocolate
Spiciness of chili
Saltiness of crackers munched in chili
Gooiness of cheese dripping from my soup spoon


Andria Helm said...

I enjoy reading your blog Norma - it sounds and looks like you are having such a wonderful time writing and creating!!

Jennifer said...

Great shots and great list! Another sound of winter? The snow squeaking under your feet when it hits the really low temperatures. It doesn't happen that often, but it's a cool sound when it does. Too bad I hate the cold that comes with it!

Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog!

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

oooooo!!!! I LOVED THIS! I love how you started with the smells of winter and then you ended with the taste of some of the very things you mentioned at the beginning.
Fabulous imagery.....LOVED IT!

Linda said...

Great post, Norma! I hope you can soon capture the senses of Spring!:)

simply objekts said...

oh i love winter! everything about it.
have a wonderful day

Simone said...

Just love this, it really does evoke such a wonderful sense of winter and reminds me of all the great things I enjoy about the season, very creative!

Charlene: the Polarblogger said...

What a beautiful description of winter! Since I love winter, I enjoy the experience of all these senses. I also love the crunching sound of the snow when I walk.