Soaring Through the World

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ice Storm

View of my car through ice on my storm door

Looking out my kitchen window

I wonder, "Will it come back in the spring?"

Same door, different time of day


Hm, my swing isn't inviting me to sit there right now. 

This photo and the next two were taken on a day that rained most of the day; then it snowed; then we had sleet.

my oak tree

This winter has provided me with ample opportunities for taking aim with my camera.  It's exciting for me to share my renewed interest in photography.


Jen said...

As much as I am over all this snow and ice I too have gotten lots of great photos this winter!!! I love the pictures of the "view" outside your door!

Danelle said...

Ice storm = not good. But the pictures are great! :)

shabby girl said...

Whoa! B. R. R. !!! Stay warm friend! But really, don't water and ice make for really cool photos???

Tezzie said...

It's fun seeing someone rediscover the joy of photography :) Great storms are so beautiful (although, it should be said, I'm sooo over winter!).

Thanks so much for voting for me, and in answer to your question; it's my in-law's hunting dog, who lives outside in the doghouse that she's peeking out of. She's a shy soul, poor thing, but will peek out whenever the kids and I go visit...she knows she'll get some treats and cuddles :D

Rebecca said...

Wow, that is a lot of ice!

Sheila said...

I've never seen ice like that and, to be honest, lovely though your pictures are, I hope I never see it close up.