Soaring Through the World

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Beginning

After a few months in the land of Widowland, I slowly awakened to the fact that I had work to do.  The work was to get names on photos from my husband's yesteryear.  Then followed stories to be related as well as I could manage.  It turned out that decades ago, I had the foresight to have him help me label his photos he'd taken when his Air Force service took him to exotic places such as Africa and Turkey.  He also had a side-trip to Greece.  So I got busy finding a suitable album that would hold not only his Air Force photos, but pictures of his great-grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles and cousins.  I found that as I placed these precious items in the album, I began my journey back to living without my partner.  There are still times when I step back into that dark place, but most days I have activities for which I look forward.


Linda said...

I'm looking forward to reading future entries. Congratulations on your new blog! And scrapbooking with journaling is so enjoyable. I just read through a scrapbook my aunt has started--it is so wonderful to see our family through her perspective--and to discover memories that I had forgotten.

The Riverside Writer said...

This is nice, Norma. Do you have an album complete? I think this is a very healing activity and even though it takes you to sadness sometimes, it is worth it because of the memories it can nurture in your soul. Memories in the soul, my dear, not just the memories in your mind. Keep blogging!