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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I started wandering through some of my favorite bloggers' latest personal accounts.  I became riveted in River's description of her Grandma Clock's transition from earth to the great beyond.  Progressing through the list of the latest entries of Travelin' Oma, I ended up in Vienna during World War II.  Her husband Dee had stored letters belonging to an acquaintance or family member (I'm not sure which) from that time in history and has led to a fantastic idea of a novel!  I hope it gets written!  I love mystery books more than any other genre.  When I saw the shop photo on Travelin' Oma's site, I wanted a branch of that bookstore to exist in Muncie, Indiana!  Heavenly!

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The Riverside Writer said...

Thanks for the mention here on your blog. And thank you for listening to me as I sorted my thoughts about Grandma Clock the other night at your house. You are a dear friend!